Buying a Micropipette Box

The micropipette is used to measure different liquid volumes. It has a shaft and a tip. The tips are sterilized, but it is recommended to keep them in their box and tightly sealed to prevent airborne contamination. There are several tips to choose from: white, yellow, green, blue and black. These tips are used for […]

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The Brucella ELISA Test

The brucella ELISA test is highly sensitive and specific. Compared to agglutination test, ELISA reveals high positive rates in acute, subacute, and chronic disease. A x2 McNemar analysis showed that ELISA is superior in detecting Brucellosis, whereas culture showed a lower positive rate as the disease progresses. However, it is recommended to confirm ELISA results […]

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Plasmodium Aldolase In Malaria Test

One of the new methods for detecting Plasmodium aldolase antibody is microfluidic chip. The technology utilizes microfluidic channels that direct flow without mechanical or electric valves. Burst valves release reagents based on centrifugal force. Capillary burst valves have no moving parts and rely on surface tension to keep fluid in place. They are especially useful […]

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Automated RNA Extraction System

If you want to extract RNA with high purity, you can use an automated nucleic acid extraction system. The extraction system can process up to 12 samples per run and is ideal for purification of nucleic acids. The centrifuge and magnetic bead separation technologies used by extraction system make this a versatile solution for your […]

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Inactivated Transport Medium

The development of an inactivated transport medium (ITM) is not a new concept. In fact, many labs have successfully used it to study a range of infectious diseases. The Tube inactivation method can be used for various applications. There are many different types of tubes, including the PrimeStore MTM. The resulting inactivated transporm medium has […]

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The ELISA Binding Assay

The ELISA binding assay is a widely used method for the quantitative determination of the amount of antigen in samples. It is also known as a competitive assay because it uses a labeled antigen instead of the labeled antibody. This results in a stronger signal and lower concentration of the sample antigen. The advantage of […]

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Journal Of Public Well Being

Some of the best public well being achievements of the past century were not really as a result of one-on-one education or small, local efforts. Workplace safety guidelines, seat belt legal guidelines, and minimum quality standards for consuming water, for instance, all led to vital enhancements to our health and safety. The philosophy of corporate […]

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Chronic Illnesses

Legislation could make this distinction, offering a modest economic incentive for more healthy decisions and at the same time conveying essential dietary messages . Another strategy is to guard consumers from aggressive advertising of unhealthy foods. Producers spend billions of dollars a 12 months encouraging youngsters to devour foods that are detrimental to their health. […]

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